Camp Young

Camp Young is about so much more than just curing the holiday boredom or just a childcare option. Truth be told, there are a vast array of benefits which are exclusive to our holiday camp environment and experience.

Camp Young is of vital importance in the learning and development of children and we take this seriously as a powerful force in shaping their lives. We encourage confidence through experience by allowing children to challenge themselves through excitement and adventure in a safe and
secure setting which has huge benefits for the development of social skills.

Children do not need to be the best to enjoy a new sport, get involved in drama or create an art piece. Instead, these activities provide an opportunity for children to get out of the house, out of their comfort zone and try something new, conversing with other children and adults. At Camp Young we aid social integration and understanding by enabling children to meet others from different schools and different backgrounds in a setting where class and ethnicity have no relevance. This enables children to feel they have a real place in society.

Children gain pleasure from being part of a team and benefit from a sense of achievement when trying something new. Camp Young offers a chance to spend time in a happy and positive environment with children they would never be likely to meet. What develops is the fostering of a team atmosphere which leads to lasting friendships, often special and unique.

There is a trend towards children being less sociable and more reliant on their smartphones or tablets. At Camp Young we aim to change this way of life and show children that it is good to be active and to take part. We offer children the space and time to play and enjoy being children, to discover new hobbies and interests and find out that active learning can be fun. Children really can camp well and live young with us.

Camp Young
Camp Young offers a unique structured opportunity for children to grow, allowing them to become independent and self-confident; improving their self-image while socialising, making new friends and learning new skills in the process. At an age when children are open to change, these skills prove hugely beneficial in helping them to believe in their own potential and to become successful adults.