Our activity camp programmes are designed with your child’s age and interests in mind. We place children into age appropriate groups and tailor our activities to meet their developmental needs. Our uniquely diverse activity programmes are packed full of adventurous, sporting, challenging and creative activities as well as our end of week “It’s a Knockout” competition day. With so many activities to choose from, we have refined what we do to ensure that children of all ages have an unforgettable time at Camp Young.

Campers should arrive by 9.00am for morning registration where they will be guaranteed a friendly welcome and reassuring smile from our team. Parents can collect their child from 5.00pm each day. However, we understand that managing children and work commitments during the holidays can be difficult so we provide a pre-camp club from 7.45am and an after-camp club until 6.15pm each day at no extra cost.

Camp Young

Mini Campers

Our Mini Campers programme provides fun activities with a huge emphasis on care and safety, allowing children to explore, play and learn in a happy and safe environment.

Our programme has been specifically designed to offer a mix of stimulating, active and relaxing activities; energetic play is mixed with quieter times ensuring that children come home suitably worn out.

At this important stage in their physical and social development, children are becoming self-aware and developing their own personalities through wider independence. This is developed at Camp Young through small-sided team games, activities requiring hand-eye coordination and creative activities all within a safe environment.

Junior Campers

Children aged between 7 and 10 years have already  developed an abundance of skills so our multi-activity programmes are designed to stimulate children of all abilities, while promoting
exploration and learning. Children within this age group are enthusiastic with longer attention spans and so there is an emphasis on safe learning through fun and excitement.

Through the very nature of group activities, children have the opportunity to develop social skills, friendships and confidence through teamwork and greater independence.

Whether your child is adventurous, active and full of energy or more creative and laid back, our Junior Campers programme offers stimulating, safe and nurturing activities for all, allowing them to reach new heights, learn new skills and enjoy plenty of outdoor fun.

Camp Young
Camp Young

Teen Campers

Our Teen Campers programme allows children aged 11 to 15 years old a fully rounded experience with access to our full range of activities providing maximum fun.

At this age, children’s skills are more advanced and our activity programme caters for everyone, whether creative, sporty or adventurous. All of our activities at this stage are developed to reinforce a positive and supportive environment while promoting healthy lifestyles.

Our activities are inclusive and we have tailored an activity programme that suits all abilities allowing everyone to gain confidence and a sense of achievement. Children in this age group have the opportunity to build lasting friendships and develop a great sense of teamwork through activities that challenge them physically and mentally.

Our example programme of activities offers an idea of the activities we have on offer at Camp Young. Children are grouped according to age and will follow a programme of six hour long activities with regular break and lunch stops to recharge. Additional sports and activities are available as we keep a fun and varied programme so there is something different to enjoy each day. We have perfected the art of keeping children entertained.

It’s a Knockout Friday

If your child loves fun action and friendly competition while getting stuck in to earn points for their team, then ‘It’s a Knockout’ is for them! We plan a number of sporting tournaments along with funny races and activities throughout the day where children can learn sportsmanship and teamwork while ultimately having fun. Each team is assigned an adult leader who will be their team captain throughout the day. This culminates in our end of day ceremony where we announce the winners and celebrate all those that took part with prizes on offer.

We understand that not all children love competition so our It’s a Knockout fun day is optional. We will ask each child whether they would like to take part when they arrive. Those that do will be placed in a team and those that don’t will continue with our multi-activity schedule. Either way there is lots of fun to be had.

Camp Young
Camp Young
Camp Young